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We Include in the cost of the bin ALL of the following
E waste (includes Televisions, computers), Garden waste, Whitegoods (ridges, washing machines), Old furniture, Clothes, Toys

 Soaring prices for the dumping of waste at local rubbish tips have soared over recent years and the complexity of the current pricing for different rubbish types that you can put in skip bins means it is hard to have standard prices.

What we strongly recommend is you give us a call on 0416 096 664 or fill out our get a quote form and we can work out the CHEAPEST WAY for you to get rid of your rubbish.

 We can remove most types of household and industrial waste including house & shed junk, old furniture, garden greenery, electrical items, old white goods, renovation waste, dirt, bricks, concrete etc.

Do you want skip bins delivered fast ? In most cases, we can deliver same day if you call us early.

We can deliver skip bins and mini skips super quick to Adelaide’s southern, eastern and western suburbs.

Whatever suburb you live in, we will give you our most competitive price for skip bins in Adelaide!

2 Cubic Metre



This standard skip bin size can hold up to 2 cubic metres of general rubbish, junk, garden waste, dirt, bricks, concrete. Consequently, it is great for a clean-up around the house or shed.

3.5 Cubic Metre


This skip bin size is suitable for up to 3.5 cubic metres of general waste, including grass clippings, rubbish, junk, old toys, timber, dirt, bricks, and, additionally, concrete etc.

4.5 Cubic Metre


This skip bin size is suitable for up to 4.5 cubic metres of general waste including grass clippings, rubbish, junk, old toys, timber, dirt, bricks, concrete etc.

5 Cubic Metre


This skip bin size is ideal for up to 5 cubic metres of general waste.

7.5 Cubic Metre


Suitable for up to 9 cubic metres of general waste.

8 Cubic Metre


Suitable for up to 8 cubic metres of general waste.

9 Cubic Metre


Suitable for up to 9 cubic metres.

All The Bin Sizes You Need

Unsure of the bin size you need?

Give us a call and our experienced operator will guide you to the correct size skip for the removal of your rubbish.

Give the guys at Clean Up Bins in Adelaide a call.

What Can You Put in the Bins and Mini Skips

Fill up a Clean Up Bins Skip Bins with:
  • Excess green rubbish
  • Excess building materials
  • Rubbish, household items piling up
  • Compost and other rubbish you need removed
  • Bricks
  • Concrete
  • General household waste
  • Green waste
  • Plaster, building timber
  • Wood, tin, corrugated iron
  • Tiles
  • Soil, earth
  • Metal
  • Electrical items
  • White goods
Clean Up Bins have skip bins to take care of the whole clean up process for you. You fill them up, we take them away.

Helping You to Remove Your Big Rubbish – Best Prices

Established in 1985, Clean Up Bins are one of the most experienced and most long standing Skip Bin hire company.

We believe we are Adelaide’s leading waste and recycling company with the best prices

We can deliver a skip bin to you all over Adelaide. Furthermore, we can deliver skip bins in double quick time to the southern suburbs in Adelaide, South Australia.

Locally Owned, Locally Run, Great Reputation

Clean Up Bins Adelaide is a locally owned and family owned business. We aren’t interstate owned and we aren’t anyone’s franchise.

Our reputation depends on every skip bin delivery being prompt and friendly AND, additionally, at having the best skip bin prices.

Consequently, our team of specialists know the industry and business landscape thoroughly and offer great service and competitive prices to Adelaide homes and businesses.

You can hire a skip-bin or mini skip for one day or multiple days – just let us know when and where.

When Do You Need Us?

Give Clean Up Bins a call for a bin or mini skip hire if you want to get rid of any of the following:

  • Firstly, prunings, timber offcuts, wooden structural parts, stumps, tree clippings, dead trees and bushes.
  • hard rubbish removal – old electrical machines and tools, metal parts, metal sheeting, corrugated iron, old fences, gates, bricks, stones, fencing, doors, glass
  • spring clean ups – household rubbish, garden cuttings
  • gardening – dead trees and bushes, stumps, gravel, earth,
  • demolitions – all old building refuse- bricks, concrete, asphalt, walls, flooring, household fittings
  • building renovations,
  • soil and concrete bricks and all other types of common building materials
  • white goods
  • Finally, electrical items

We give fast and reliable service, on time and within budget.

Moreover, our up-to-date equipment and understanding of environmental needs ensure we properly dispose off all your waste.

Cleanup Bin Sizes

2 cubic metre
3.5 cubic metre
4.5 cubic metre
5 cubic metre
6 cubic metre
7.5 cubic metre
8 cubic metre and
9 cubic metre