When should I order the Skip Bin?

In most cases we can deliver on the same day. Call us early!

Sometimes the bin size you need may not be available. To avoid delays, we recommend giving us at least one day’s advance notice.

How long is the rental period for the Skip Bin?

The bin is left with you for 5 days.

You may request early collection without any additional fee.

When the skip bin is required for more than five days, just call and discuss this with our staff. Most of the times there will be no extra charge!

What will NOT be collected?

We can not collect:

  • liquids,
  • asbestos,
  • toxic waste or
  • any EPA prescribed waste

We are bound by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules.

If any of these items are in the bin we will not remove the bin from the property until you remove them.

What about very heavy materials like concrete, brick, soils and tiles?
Tell us what you intend to discard when you order the bin and we will inform you if it is allowed or not.
Can I put mattresses in the Skip Bin?


However there may be a charge if more than one mattress is placed in skip bin.

Contact us for the additional fee.

How much can I fill the Skip Bin

We are bound by strict Transport SA laws.

Skip bins must not exceed the brim (level full).

If the skip bin is piled up past the brim, the driver cannot transport it and YOU will have to make the load legal before it can be collected.

How can I pay you?

Skip bins are to be paid for either at the time of delivery or on pick-up day.

We accept the following modes of payment:

  • cash,
  • money order,
  • electronic bank transfers
  • visa and mastercard.

Bins are NOT removed until the payment is made in full.

In the event that the bins are not paid for in full, the contents will be emptied on the property and the empty bin will be collected.